We stand for timeless, aesthetic and forward-looking architecture that enriches people's living space. We accompany clients' projects through the planning process and provide advice during implementation.


The positive interaction between people and their surroundings in newly created living spaces is something that can be experienced - this is the guiding principle of our work. In coordination with our developers, our focus is always on the mental impact of spaces. We like to optimize the architecture with the teachings of Feng Shui and apply these ideas by taking into consideration any existing objects. The elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water make up the Five Elements of Feng Shui studies. They represent different phases of our life and they are all derived from nature. From their abstract capacities, you can conclude their connection between the Earth, Human and Sky. Even in the ancient world people took a close look at "The Five Elements Studies" while searching for suitable places to settle down. Today, we can benefit from the centuries old traditions and their applications by different nations. We can apply it individually to our surroundings and simultaneously feel in harmony with nature.


We work alongside developers from the first idea to the final design of the space. Our focus and our strengths lie in optimizing the impact of the space. In doing so, we combine the ideas of Feng Shui with our planning competence.

Project management

We provide support to developers and companies / owners in the project management of both large and small building projects.

Planning process

We provide support to developers and companies / owners in the planning process of both large and small building projects.

Planning coordination

We provide support to developers and companies / owners in the planning coordination of both large and small building projects.

New construction consultation

When planning new construction we follow the principles of classic Feng Shui teachings and support developers from the very beginning.

Floor Plan consultation

Existing layouts are analysed and suggestions for improvements are prepared in accordance with Feng Shui teachings.  

Property search 

The aspects of Feng Shui are used in conjunction with the search for properties or buildings. They are analyzed and geared towards the future occupants in order for the best possible selection to be made.

Living and spatial analysis

Apartments or homes are analysed and possible measures for improving the quality of the individual rooms and surroundings are determined. A living concept based on the individual is prepared in conjunction with a colour and furnishing concept.

Garden consultation

In the garden design, which is the link between the home and its surroundings, the analytical measures from the various Feng Shui systems are applied.

Business Feng Shui

In corporate Feng Shui, there is unlimited potential for business spaces. Consultation includes home office situations as well as small and open plan offices, surgeries and hotels.